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Subtlety is dying and it's our own fault. We, as critics and as listeners, have beaten it into the background with a hammer (or some equally unsubtle tool), and artists have responded by producing material which can’t do anything interesting without shooting off fireworks and streamers to draw our attention to it. I can’t even listen to any heralded new electronic artists, however good they may be on a technical level, without a little voice rising up from the speakers shouting, “Listen to those textures! Holy shit those textures are so good! You won’t find textures like that anywhere else!” I love innovation – that word is the critic’s darling, isn’t it? – but sometimes I feel like it’s suffocating me with its endless presence. Okay, let’s bring this convoluted metaphor full circle: most new music is like your new girlfriend who calls you six times a day. I’m supposed to be into that?

I’m digging this Sadsic EP, probably because it seems like he has no desire to understand popular music. The man is obviously percussive-minded – the whole album plays like one long beat from a particularly rad college drumline. Even the keys, the horns and everything else that comes in is oriented more toward percussion rather than melody – you’ll find a lot of chopped up vocals and rapid-fire sine waves that roll through the beat like hi hats. What’s impressive about it, though – the reason it’s getting play on my iPod, the reason we even mention it at all – is the way he makes use of a narrow swatch of techniques to produce a wide and satisfying result. So many people understand the principles of songwriting but can’t execute in practice: there’s loud and soft, and the transitions back and forth, but so many people flush out the in between. Sadsic’s sense of percussive swell and lull is varied, all-encompassing and yes, pretty damn subtle, once you realize he’s got a hundred different ways to get from point A to point B. Listeners might balk at its modesty, its careful pacing, but if all you want in your music is theatrics, I can’t help you. The [sic] EP is just damn good songwriting from front to end.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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[sic] is available for free – get it now.

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