Song of the Day 5/19/09: Paper Chase - What Should We Do With Your Body


If anyone in the world is entitled to back out of the "who are your biggest influences?" interview question, it's frontman John Congleton - he's produced dozens of bands, from Modest Mouse to The Roots and everything in between, and this track comes off sounding like a dissonant, whiplashed nod to all the legendary artists he helped shape. "What Should We Do" by Paper Chase is kind of a mess, but only in the most beautiful way. Loud, enveloping rock and animal squeals give way to near folksy guitar and orchestral strings, and though this may sound too busy arrangement-wise to snag a large audience, some folks will be floored by the innovation.Remember, music is the only place where it isn't theft if you steal 50 things at once.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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