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This week we bring you "It's All In My Mind" from Teenage Fanclub.

Glistening, accomplished pop from a Scottish band that came together in 1989 and has never quite had its day. Look how much these guys pull out of a simple melody set against a clockwork, tom-tom-accented beat, and how effortlessly they do it--largely by playing against the regularities they set up. Notice, to begin with, how the melody line of the verse starts first on the downbeat and then, when it repeats, begins on the upbeat; this creates an off-centered feeling to what is actually a regular, 4/4 beat. But then notice what happens in the chorus (which is just the words "It's all in my mind" sung twice)--the beat is stretched to 6/4 for two measures, which manages both to ground the song and keep it slightly on edge. A minute and a half into things, we're returned to the first verse but the song has shifted subtly, tom-tom giving way to a fuller drum kit, some gorgeous but unexpected harmonies fleshing out the words and their dreamy message. That the whole thing culminates in a spaced-out guitar break three-quarters of the way through--I love how the song sort of floats into the guitar solo, as if catching up to it--is only fitting. "It's All In My Mind" is the lead track on the band's Man-Made CD, their seventh and most recent, released in 2005 on Merge Records.

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- Jeremy Schlosberg

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