Electro Freaks Present...


Electronic artists (or loose interpretations of the term), here's your chance to jump on a compilation in support of one of the finest music discovery sites out there (yeah, we don't mind sharing the title). A while back we lauded as an excellent, socially-driven music discovery service, where artists submit tracks and the top vote-getters land a spot on the homepage (and, by extension, a fair number of new listeners in their pocket). We're happy to see the system has held up - it's still the best of its ilk.

Now, in honor of that magical music wonderland, we're proud to throw our support behind Electro Freaks Present... - the first compilation of the best electronic artists associated with thesixtyone. Initiated and organized by bProp's own content lead, Phillip Taylor-Parker, the compilation has already attracted a swarm of attention, including a thumbs-up from thesixtyone's founders themselves. (Well, we think - their tweet was a little cryptic, but we're pretty sure they're talking about us.) Given all the support, we think the comp should hit a fair number of ears come June 1st (6/1 - get it?): the date coincides with a concentrated effort to set a new simultaneous sitewide listener record (hence the term Mosh Pit Day).

Because this is as much a celebration of the existing community as it is an attempt to welcome new talent to their ranks, this compilation is open to anyone and everyone with an account on thesixtyone. If you're an artist and you've got one set up, go ahead and submit your tracks at the Electro Freaks Present homepage. If you don't have an account, take the 60 seconds to sign up, and then you're eligible. Easy, right?

Submissions are due May 17th. Best of luck and show us the jams!

betterPropaganda + thesixtyone

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