Song of the Day 4/27/09: Holy Fuck - Jungles


New unreleased Holy Fuck track? Say no more. "Jungles" crawls out of a hole and projects a nasty strand of reverb into the sunlight, before kicking into a perforated wall of blips knifed through by some nasty arena rock bombast. And yet, for all the snarl and punch, you could almost swap one vowel out and call this one "Jingles" - that main lead skips, almost flutters over the top of it all, pretty nonchalantly jovial in the face of a grinding, distorted background. And of course, Holy Fuck always keeps their shit off balance - what starts as a purposeful march ends in a riotous ruckus, ducking beneath a haze that grows more and more drunken, until it gets so fucked up that it has to duck out the back door and take a seat on the sidewalk to restabilize.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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