Song of the Day 4/20/09: Mr. Lif - The Sun


Mr. Lif's among a small handful of MCs that have always hit me right - I dig his loose drawl and the way he's able to pivot on his rhythms so effortlessly, sometimes three or four times in a single couplet. Each album branches out in a new direction, and I Hear it Today shouldn't prove any different - "The Sun" oozes with a newfound fullness, with lush analog pads and dreamy backing vocals split up by a muffled, throaty kick drum. The track pays homage to crowded, glittery electronics, but there's still plenty of crisp backbeat to keep you nodding your head to Lif's ludicrously complex flow. My favorite hip hop track of the year so far, hands down.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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