Song of the Day 4/13/09: Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms


It's becoming clearer and clearer to me that Drift is going to be one of the benchmark albums of 2009. Floating in a boatload of well-deserved hype, Nosaj Thing's got his style pretty well locked down, as evidenced by this sputtering, short-of-breath pulser, "Coat of Arms." He takes up residence at both extremes of the frequency spectrum, with crunchy synthesizer lines buzzing away like an electric bug lamp claiming victims, while deep, oceanic beats wobble under liberal filter sweeps and swerves. There's incredible movement here, and it's quickly becoming Nosaj Thing's trademark - like watching a shadowy figure warp and redefine itself in the flicker of a candlelit room. He's a relatively new arrival, but after an EP and a couple remixes, he hasn't missed the mark yet. If you're fiending for something new from the West Coast space-blip movement (which has dominated electronic music for the past half-year or so), keep an eye out for Drift - it should be a hell of a full-length debut.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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