Song of the Day 4/9/09: Ras G - Shinelight


"Shinelight" by Ras G triggered this thought: it'd be kind of disappointing if we encountered intelligent lifeforms on another planet, only to discover that they've evolved along a path basically parallel to ours. Wouldn't that be a letdown? I bet they sit on their asses watching television all day, just like humans do, watching sci-fi specials about what's out there in the great beyond. And when they're twiddling their intergalactic antennas, I bet the static sounds something like this song. It's like Flying Lotus' blippy space beats, but minus the beats - just a beam of ultrastellar connection to other worlds. And no, fuck you, I'm not high. I've just been watching too much NOVA in my free time. Props to Ras G for a fitting soundtrack.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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