Song of the Day 4/2/09: Praveen & Benoit - Embers (Machine Drum Remix)


To be completely honest, I hadn’t heard of Praveen or Benoît when I volunteered to write something on the track for the bP website. When I saw the words “Machine Drum remix” my tongue started doing this weird thing where moisture began building up to the point where it started overflowing and dripping down the side of my mouth. To handle the business matters first, Praveen [Sharma] and Benoît [Meluch/aka: Thomas Meluch] came together over the course of two years to pull together songs that eventually became the album Songs Spun Simla (released in ‘08). “Embers” is 1/6 part of Songs Spun Simla, a minimally produced track with echoing nature sounds and eerie production work accompanied with Benoît’s flourishing vocal melodies, which frankly all together just screams for a remix! That’s not to say the original isn’t beautiful, it just so happens that minimalist tracks often make the best candidates for beat injections, and Machine Drum is just the person to helm that role. Machine Drum [aka Travis Stewart] came into my life many years ago, long before the demise of the more understated (and under appreciated) electronic labels, Florida-based Merck Records. Machine Drum’s tracks were scattered-IDM type joints, yet still harmonious, always managing to strike that perfect balance between the dance floor and a straight chill-lounge. What he does here with “Embers” is exactly that, giving the track a solid head-nodding beat, while still keeping a nice downtempo vibe. Boy, is it nice to know Machine Drum is still around.

- Nicole Coxe

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