Song of the Day 4/1/09: Fischerspooner - Supply and Demand


I lost track of Fischerspooner for a while. I never snubbed to their output; they just gave me the impression that, with every go round, they could never quite live up to the aesthetic they were aiming for. (Toploading #1 with "Emerge" and "Sweetness" screams "electroclash!," but the clash part of it fell out of that disc about 8 songs too early.) Maybe, maybe, maybe "Supply and Demand" is proof that Entertainment is going to be their awakening. It doesn't try to trash pop music, an endeavor which has left previous cuts underdistorted on the other end - it is pop now, and it makes no apologies for its simplification. If you wrote Fischerspooner off, this could very well be the track that convinces you to let them back into your life. Or at least your killer pop playlist at your next house party.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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song:Supply and Demand
album:Entertainment (FS Studios)
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