Song of the Day 3/23/09: Prefuse 73 - Preparations Kids Choir


I've been sucked so far into the darker DJ scene lately - Aether, Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus and all those other sputtering arhythmic beat hounds - that I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever pull myself out and love other genres again. Interestingly, the king of them all - Guillermo Scott Herren - might be the one to rescue me, by way of side project bait-and-switch. Those other dudes have proven their chops, but it's about time Prefuse 73 came back to show them how it's done - "Preparations Kids Choir" scrapes and distorts the strangest frequencies, folding back on itself with a level of intricacy unmatched by his peers. Once I've swallowed the new Prefuse CD, I'm going to point an ear toward two of his side projects releasing albums in the next few months - Savath and Savalas and Diamond Watch Wrists (with Zach Hill of Hella). Yep, it's a Herren trifecta, with three new albums under three separate names before the middle of this year. Rejoice.

By the way, if you missed our Top 100 Artists of the Decade countdown, you might want to mosey on over. Spoiler alert - Sir Herren, as the sum of all his incarnations, topped the list. Here's a primer, with tracks from each of the projects mentioned above:

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Prefuse 73 - The Class of 73 Bells (w/ School of Seven Bells)
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Savath and Savalas - La Llama
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Savath and Savalas - Yaverdad
[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Diamond Watch Wrists - Onward Push Me Out

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Prefuse 73 - Preparations Kids Choir

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