Song of the Day 3/18/09: Bloc Party - Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix)


For those of you who were left feeling slightly underwhelmed by the rushed efforts of Bloc Party's third full-length album, Intimacy, feast your ears on this beautiful remix from house-producer Armand Van Helden. This track is just a teaser, as the band has announced there will be a track-by-track remix release of the entire album, which will officially see the light of day on May 11 via Wichita Recordings (and will be made available digitally). While I didn't have as many negative feelings as others towards Intimacy, my one gripe was the misuse--err--more like complete lack of use, of Kele's voice, which is the biggest strength of Bloc Party's sound. If you're like me, you know the beauty of the Bloc Party songbook is knowing that the build up of the pretty melodies eventually lead to the parts where Kele's voice comes in and culminates everything you're feeling into one big melted pile of emotional goo. And that, my friends, is quite possibly the most emo sentence I have ever written. The "Signs" remix done here by the man who as remixed everything from Deee-Light to New Order, from Tori Amos to Puff Daddy, replaces the chimes from the original version with dance beats that complement and highlight Kele's moody tone perfectly. Armand's take on the track is fuzzed-up, sexy, and will make anyone with a pulse want to get down and dirty on the dance floor.

The full Intimacy Remixed track listing is here:

1. Ares – Villains remix
2. Mercury – Herve is in Disarray remix
3. Halo – We Have Band Dub
4. Biko – Mogwai remix
5. Trojan Horse – John B remix
6. Signs – Armand Van Helden remix
7. One Month Off – Filthy Dukes remix
8. Zephyrus – Phase One remix
9. Talons – Phones RIP remix
10. Better Than Heaven – No Age remix
11. Ion Square – Banjo or Freakout remix
12. Letter To My Son – Gold Panda remix
13. Your Visits are Getting Shorter – Double D remix.

Drool away my fellow music nerds.

- Nicole Coxe

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