Song of the Day 3/16/09: Fever Ray - When I Grow Up (D Lissvik Remix)


You know Karin Dreijer Andersson as the female half of The Knife, and as perhaps the strangest and most unsettling singer in all of music today. Her solo project, Fever Ray, manages to take The Knife's darker entrypoints into the human psyche and hyper-consciously feature that aesthetic as the focal point. "When I Grow Up" looks at childhood in a way only Andersson could: through a dreary, distracted, circumnavigatory narrative that addresses about the past only in oblique ways. What impresses me is how complete her delivery really is: lyrical regression, pecuilar phrasing and just-off cadence all point to the stunted psyche behind the track (listening to her sing is like watching a toddler get the hang of walking).

This remix by Lissvik takes the stance of oblivious selective memory: chipper drums, oceanic guitars and the interwoven sound of a lively playground in the background. It's the same dark story between the original and this version; that story's just told from different sides of the mirror. And, oddly enough, whereas the original reflects on a strange childhood, this one seems to originate from that childhood and project somewhere into the future. It's a completely different angle, one of my favorite remixes of the year.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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