Song of the Day 3/10/09: O+S - Permanent Scar


I listen to so little rock music these days that whenever I find myself really loving a rock song, I almost always feel like I've been tricked into it. O + S's"Permanent Scar" snuck over to my good side before I realized what was happening, taking a backdoor opened up by a grunt of a bassline and super-skittish hi-hat rolls, a pair of elements gallivanting as some tingly unclassifiable genre until the softer vocals drop in. The structure is standard, but the delicate web of harmonious elements is anything but, flipping between hiccuped distortion and delicate little piano rolls and a voice so soft you almost don't realize you should be haunted by the subject matter. This one's overwhelming in a deceptive way - it knocks you off guard before you even really realize what's there.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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