Song of the Day: 3/3/09 Miami Horror - Make You Mine


All those congos and claps at the start are a little thin and mashed together, but they roll into this retro stuttering beat too quickly for me to complain. "Make You Mine" thrives off a kind of cheese, in a way - what with all the talk of romancin' saddled up against the oohs and ahhs, it's kind of like Chromeo dropped some nickles on the sidewalk and Miami Horror picked them up and started shaking them and turned it into a whole loose street performance gig. I wouldn't listen to this all the time, but I will throw it on at my next party, because it's very much that feeds off the building excitement of a crowd. One worryless dance party, coming up; "Make You Mine" is the track that's going to kick it off.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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