Song of the Day 3/2/09: Odd Nosdam - Fly Mode


Odd Nosdam is one of the most underappreciated artists making music right now, period. When I say "one of the most," I'm not dealing with some lenient sample size that's 50 or 100 people deep to cover my tracks - I'm thinking top 5, maybe. When I tell people what I want out of music, it usually comes down to an artist's ability to step into a the conventions of an overcrowded genre - picture it as a party so packed you can't walk from one room to the next - and then lay down something so compelling and unexpected within those constraints that they carve out a niche for themselves, build this inpenetrable aura, make their own breathing room where it seemed there was nothing else there to be had. Naysayers will tell you a certain type of music is "over"; my favorite artists prove them wrong.

"Fly Mode" is Odd Nosdam's fourth track to hit our site, and yet again, it sets itself apart from all the others. It's got this laid back, summer's day guitar line, looped into a meditative trance, and it sounds like someone smiled and it just got stuck there for the rest of the day. His characteristic unobtrusive static makes a return, perched on the drumline like a toddler on his father's shoulders, and the whole thing oozes this generous warmth that is miles apart from the kitschy simplistic warmth you hear strutting around most pop music today. If you don't know this name, you'd better pick up on it - Odd Nosdam is a next-level producer who deserves his time in the spotlight.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Odd Nosdam - Fly Mode

Instead of a similar artist list this time, get acquainted with the rest of Odd Nosdam's stuff, quite an eclectic mix in itself:

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[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Odd Nosdam - Untitled Three

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