Song of the Day 2/26/09: Charles Trees - It's The...


I'm sure at some point you've been sitting around with your friends and someone brings up a totally killer old song that you'd inevitably forgotten about for the past decade up until that point, and all of a sudden you're swept up in the nostalgia of trying to remember how that song went - what the lyrics were, where the breaks came, and holy shit why don't that play that song on the radio anymore? "It's The..." is Charles Trees' recreation of that moment, the beat as alive and hazy as a fond memory, the beginnings of lines never finishing, elements all jumbled around and jumping in and out because he didn't quite know where they fit. But, retrospective fondness being what it is, all of the elements fit just about anywhere. This song's as warm as it is disorienting, quite a pleasant sensation once you catch your balance.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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