Song of the Day 2/25/09: Phoenix - 1901


It is always a happy day when the snappy-dressed French 80’s inspired garage-popsters Phoenix grace the world with new music. Their latest dish “1901” is far from disappointing with distorted fuzzy dance beats, equally fast guitars and vocal melodies so catchy this ditty will be stuck in your head for days. “1901” is the first sneak peak song from Phoenix’s fourth full length studio album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which will be released on May 26 via Glassnote Records. When lead singer Thomas Mars croons “fallin’… fallin’… fallin’… fallin…’” I do just that while simultaneously melting in a big pile of goo. Seriously, does anyone else find them incredibly hard not to swoon over? Just download the track and try not to hit repeat as the track comes to a close (I’ve been testing myself for almost an hour now). That is more than I can say for the mediocre tunes on the band's last album, It’s Never Been Like That. "1901" is a good sign that Phoenix is heading in a better direction, and that Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, in addition to having a ridiculously awesome album title, will surely kick some major ass. I’m ready to hop back on the Phoenix bandwagon (or “prendre le train en marche”, for you Frenchies), why not feel like you’re back in middle school and come along with us? Come on, I dare ya!

- Nicole Coxe

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