Song of the Day: 2/11/09 The Thermals - Now We Can See


The Thermals are like a really good piece of sushi—raw and fresh, comforting and familiar, refreshing and organic. The youthful energy of the Thermals has never seemed to dissipate over the years, and it helps that singer Hutch Harris sounds like a perpetual 16-year old. The Thermals grew out of Portland, Oregon in 2002 and have since released 3 full-length albums and one live album, including their explosive debut release, More Parts Per Million on Sub Pop Records. The title track, "Now We Can See" is a taste of what's expected from their forthcoming album, which will be released on Kill Rock Stars (their new home!) in early April. "Now We Can See" is classic Thermals with punchy vocals, sonic garage rock riffs, sweet-sweet melodies and just full blown energy. Like I said earlier, the Thermals songs' are amazingly refreshing, especially in a time when we all could use a little more fun.

- Nicole Coxe

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