A Tale Of Two Voices Carry

Digging my grave with the delusion I'm tunneling to freedom.

Two shows:

Ludicra - San Francisco Grey Metal.

Green Milk From The Planet Orange - Tokyo Psychedelic Power Trio.

Two voices:

Ludicra - screaming out that something important is missing in this life of grey hues.

Green Milk From The Planet Orange - pierced through my hermit crab shell and made me feel something good that I have not felt in a long, long time.

One conclusion:

Capitalism never promised to uphold beauty. Ludicra speaks of a grey world where beauty is no longer valued. Green Milk From The Planet Orange reminded me that beauty does still exist.

Thank you. I'm finished.

- a man so insignificant that he is to the Underground Man what the Underground Man is to the character Brad Pitt plays in the movie Troy.
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