Song of the Day 2/3/09: Black Dice - Glazin


I'll admit I'm guilty, on more than a few occasions, of skipping over the experimental fare for our regular song of the day feature. Not that I don't love it - I'm an amateur producer myself and so I'm more than fascinated by cut-up sequencing and breathtaking sound design, and unlike most it doesn't grate me if these things come at the expense of an easy entry or exit point. We just usually prefer these recurring articles to highlight a self-contained thing - readers come in fresh, snatch the song and (hopefully) come out the other side with a new artist or album they're stoked to explore.

I loved Creature Comforts to no end, and Load Blown to an end well beyond the lifespan of most other albums in my musical consciousness, so it makes sense that I'd choose Black Dice to slice through the workings of our normal routine here. "Glazin" is off their upcoming Repo, and it wraps swatches of antiquity and decay around what seem like they shold be recognizable musical elements. In the front half of the track it sounds for all the world like a child's wind-up toy hitting the end of its battery life and puttering out, the key on the back twisting slower and slower until it stops, recorded phrases pitch-shifting down into oblivion. Of course, it's impossible to pick a Black Dice track that's emblematic of the music that surrounds it - Repo is undoubtedly a package best experienced in full. If "Glazin" tickles your fancy, don't stop here - full context is the light under which their music shines.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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