Song of the Day 2/2/09: Telepathe - Lights Go Down


Telepathe's operating in that weird limbo area of my psyche where I don't know whether to file it away as "guilty pleasure" or just straight "pleasure." Ohh, but it is pleasure. "Lights Go Down" operates on thin, unabashedly synthetic beats and ominous sex appeal - dropping vague lyrical warnings about "the hunt" up against ethereal chords. Then it kicks full speed into the esoteric payoff: "give it all up when the fight goes down / sell myself to the winding gun / hand all to the giver's glove / fill it up with a pound of gold / give it all up when the fight goes down / find myself in an iron gown..." Yeah, you could call it chicks playing tough, and maybe I'd give you the argument - but fabricated persona or no, it doesn't matter. I'll still be listening either way.

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

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