Song of the Day 1/29/09: The Bird and the Bee - My Love


*Swoon* The Bird and the Bee ignite the senses with singer Inara George's honey-dripped vocals, which are paired perfectly with some sexy swingin' lounge inspired tunes courtesy of Greg Kurstin that are completely irresistible. The song "My Love" is the first proper song on the Los Angeles duo's second full length album, Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future, out now on Bluenote Records. "My Love" is the perfect song to represent that album as a whole, which sees the swingin' twosome draw upon a fondness for jazz standards and '60s tropicalia to deliver the stylish tones of the Bird and the Bee. While the songs on this disc might not be as soulful as what we've come to expect from this Bacharachian-obsessed two-some, "My Love" should leave you nothing to complain about! The song is proof that while the album as a whole might fall a little short in the soulful category, especially when comparing it to their amazing self-titled debut album, there's still plenty goodies to enjoy, and "My Love" is the perfect starting point. Lower your guard down and join me in a little swooning.

- Nicole Coxe

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