Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #5 Danger Mouse


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#5 Danger Mouse

Ahh, it’s been a list full of surprises, but Danger Mouse at #5? Among a bevy of more recognizable – and certainly more namedropped – artists, the placement may seem a little bit strange. But you have to honor the man in the background, and damn, what a list of credentials Danger Mouse has. He’s produced three of our Top 100 albums (two different singers and a mashup album), rubbed elbows with MF Doom (#28 Artist / #36 album with “Mm…Food”), and lent his chops to several more of our favorites (Gorillaz, Beck, The Black Keys, The Rapture). This makes Danger Mouse the most prolific name on our list, with six appearances topping the next highest on the list (Radiohead with four). How is he so prolific? A versatile, throwback production style is part of it, but his willingness to throw fierce political jabs (“Bush Boys” off Ghetto Pop Life) and his internet-fueled success (Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” was the first single to hit #1 on the strength of downloads alone) endear him to the whole betterPropaganda staff. Take your bow, Danger Mouse: we’re keeping your name in the spotlight where it belongs.

Hit the jump for our take on his best:

Danger Mouse and Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life
Danger Mouse – The Grey Album
Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere

- Phillip Taylor-Parker

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Danger Mouse & Zero 7 - Somersault (featuring MF Doom)

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Danger Mouse & Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life

[ play ] | [ download mp3 ] Danger Mouse & Murs - Paint By Numbers

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