Top 100 Albums of the Decade: #7 Royksopp - Melody AM


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#7 Röyksopp - Melody AM

Growing up, I always loved the dorky Burt Bacharach/ Hal David song that Bobby Vinton crooned, "Blue on Blue". No surprise that I was instantly (if secretly) into Röyksopp's "So Easy", which contains samples from a '60s cover version of "Blue on Blue" by some Swedish band called Gals & Pals. First heard on the dance floor in the late 90s, "So Easy" later found its way onto Melody A.M., Röyksopp's 2001 downtempo, ambient classic (released in 2002 in North America).

Like their version of "Blue", Melody A.M. is a moody, melodic, and beautiful album. "Remind Me" (with Erlend Øye) or "40 Years Back/Come" are some of the more moving songs of the decade. Impeccably produced tracks such as "Eple", "Poor Leno", and "A Higher Place" seemed to announce a new dance fusion age (as Primal Scream's pop sensation Screamadelia might have 10 years before). For many of my indie friends, this was the album that made listening to electronic music tolerable. A mixture of pop and atmospheric electronic with a rock-friendly edge, Melody A.M. is at least partially responsible for the independent market's receptivity to "rocktronica" (leaving aside the fizzled electro-clash moment). Labels like Ed Banger and Modular would deliver whole catalogs of danceable electronic rock by the mid 00s - a craze that of course continues to this day.

In another sense, Melody is the chillout record and cigarette at the end of the fading dance age of the 90s. It combines all the frivolity and loveliness of that age, with a longing feeling, a feeling that something is lost.

- Ken Manning

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