Top 100 Artists of the Decade: #7 Spank Rock


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#7 Spank Rock

A lot of music comes through bProp's interplanetary headquarters here in Fortress San Francisco. A lot. So, it's rare when you hear something and think: wow, that's really fresh; that tune is cutting new ground. Spank Rock's "Rick Rubin" had that kind of an impact on the whole crowd here. It sounded so new, so infectious. I was further blown away by "What It Look Like" off the same debut record, YoYoYoYoYo. Yo remains one of the ground-breaking albums of this decade.

Spank Rock can be described as potty-mouth-space-hop-electro-rock; their music is obviously recorded and mastered on a distant super-sexual psychedelic hip hop planet a million miles from today's Billboard raps. This sound is not for your mother. Hmm, it probably won't fly with most of your friends either - unless they're your really cool friends. The ones who won't return your phone calls. One thing is certain: this is the hip hop sound that everyone is going to be spinning in ten years.

Spank Rock is: MC Spank Rock (Naeem Juwan) with producer Armani XXXchange (Alex Epton), Chris Rockswell (Chris Devlin), Ronnie Darko (Ronald Rubarth), and rapper-singer Amanda Blank.

- Ken Manning

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