Happy Holidays from betterPropaganda


hello betterPropaganda faithful,

Frankly, our top 100 artists/albums of the decade countdown has been awesome. (Admit it - this is the best countdown you've ever followed. Right? Right?) As we get to the top 10, we're going to have to leave you with a holly jolly cliffhanger, because the betterPropaganda staff and writers are off enjoying a very stress-free, probably nog-and-booze-filled holiday. We hope you're doing the same - see those people next to you? Those are called "friends and family members," and they're more important than the internet. (Really, they are!)

If you're waiting with bated breath for the top 10 countdown to resume, please un-bate it, because it'll be about ten days before we get back into the office and close everything out with a big shebang. If you hold your breath for ten days you will probably suffocate, and we don't want to be responsible for anyone's death. If you can hold your breath for ten days without dying, then hi, David Blaine! We didn't know you were a fan of our site.

Spend some time with our lists thus far. Click through each one to see why they made our list and listen to some mp3s while you're at it.

Top 100 Artists of the Decade List

Top 100 Albums of the Decade List

We'll be back on January 5th with #10 on each list and count it down daily until we hit #1. Until then, happy holidays!

the betterPropa/ganda staff

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