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#11 M83

M83 is another in the dreamy French electronic field of music. Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez is the man behind the tunes of M83, and thus far has three great albums under his belt. I remember when I first heard M83 it was the single "Run Into Flowers" and although definite 80's and Air influences can be heard, the music never sounds too derivative. Gonzalez, and his one-album musical partner Nicolas Fromageau, who helped out with their debut album Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts, churned out beautiful songs on the first two albums (the second being Before the Dawn Heals Us), but nothing as cohesive, and beautifully romantic as 2008's Saturdays=Youth. While many of the songs from the first two albums were catchy (it's hard to shake the the line from "Run Into Flowers", "Give me peace and chemicals... I wanna run into"), the music wasn't instantly as poppy as the stuff that Saturdays=Youth is made of. "Kim and Jesse" and "Graveyard Girl" are easily two of the top songs of the year. The music of M83 makes fans swoon like adolescents in love, and as is the case with Saturdays=Youth, has often been likened to John Hughes movies (apparently the red-head model on the album cover is supposed to look like Molly Ringwald). The music on Saturdays=Youth is organically '80's sounding, which is a result of the fact Gonzalez used only instruments that came out of the 1980's. There are many folks that give you eye-rolls and smirks when you ask them if they like M83, and I admit there is definite pretentiousness that Gonzalez gives off in his interviews (not to mention many fans are quite pretentious), but let's just chalk it up to his Frenchy-ness and call it a day. After all, there's no denying that he's put out some kick-ass music, so enjoy it already.

- Nicole Coxe

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