Dressy Bessy
Dressy Bessy
Label: Transdreamer Records
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Denver's ever-so-magnificent Dressy Bessy is all about the guitars, the buzzed-out power-pop chords, the banging rhythm section...and finally, the sweet vocals of Tammy Ealom. Her sly lyrics wrapped around infectious melodies are what drives the band into indie-pop-rock perfection and critical acclaim.

Guitarist John Hill is the elder statesman of the group, whose brilliant guitar-work has already helped propel his side-project Apples (in Stereo) to the forefront of the indie scene. Add the extraordinary talent of Darren Albert (drums) and Rob Greene (bass), and you have a rhythm section that complements the sweet melodies.

Dressy Bessy is a perennial superstar in their hometown of Denver. In 1999 they released their first LP, Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons, which was highly acclaimed and hailed as, "virtually perfect…by far, the catchiest indie-pop record of 1999" by The Stranger. Continuing their run of purely joyful noise with 2002's full-length Sound Go Round, the band continued to garner amazing press and steady play on college radio. In the spring of 2003, the band presented Little Music, a special collection of early material and rarities. Later in 2003, their self-titled release expanded the band's base into bona fide indie rockstar status. Dressy Bessy's Electrified is their biggest and most audacious effort. .