The Stella Link
The Stella Link
Label: Ascetic Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Born in a week long snow-in in late 2000, the Stella Link's music has evolved from meandering instrumental space jams to a high-powered sonic assault. Equal parts blissful and menacing, precise and chaotic, inviting and untouchable, the Stella Link have carved their unique mark into the concience of listeners far between, but spanning the world.

After a series of home-produced demos, the Linkticons unleashed their Mystic Jaguar... ATTACK debut full-length in July of 2004. Released by St. Louis' ASCETIC records, the 10 track collection was a year and a half in the making, evident in its dense layers of production and vast sonic palate. Engineered by Paul Malinowski (Shiner), worked and re-re-worked by David Gaumé (bass) and bandmates, and seen to completion by Duane Trower (Season to Risk), the record has generated dazzling reviews and a bit of airplay on college / independant radio USA, Spain and Italy.

At present the band has written the body of their next full-length and is busy demoing, calcualting their next "attack". Their powerful live show can engage listeners with delicate waves of sound, or blow the doors off of any venue... usually both. Spring and Summer '05 will see more extensive touring of the states.

Band members' past and present projects include: Dirt Nap, The Life and Times, Olympic Size, Season to Risk, Aerialuxe, the String and Return, Lafayette.