Rosario Blefari
Rosario Blefari
Label: Monika 42
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


4 Women No Cry introduces four highly creative, international artists who combine outstanding songwriting talents with electronic elements, yet often – and unjustly so - remain relatively unknown. The only selection criterion: a unique, original approach to music that is continued in sound aesthetics and production.

Argentinian singer Rosario Blefari’s doleful tale of separation and renunciation (Partir y Renunciar). Subtly atmospheric, yet deeply moving her gentle vocals and delicate guitar passages nestle between street sounds, their mellifluence disturbed by intricate disruptions on the follow-up Nunca. A lot of scope, a lot of unpredictability pervades Blefari’s musical excursions, her weird and wonderful melodies are stunningly beautiful pop songs.