Label: Outlook Music Company
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


In 2001, Benny Lowe (vocals, guitar), Tim Wagner (keyboards), Gabe Moon (drums) and Rafe Terrizzi (bass, keyboards, vocals) collaborated to form a 70's inspired future-rock ensemble. Pulling influence from their various musical backgrounds as well as their collaborative influences of 70's glam rock and 80's dance music, 33hz was able to forge a sound that is reminiscent of their inspiration of Chic, Steely Dan, Prince and Michael Jackson.

The early sound of 33hz took a bulbous rolling bass, synth stutters and drum machine swing with an improvisational break beat that led to many sessions incorporating freestyle rap at lower eastside's Baby Jupiters. 33hz would soon include new wave and no wave elements into their continually evolving sound.

"The foundation of all of those sessions carries into what we do now," says Tim. "It works from the bottom, from bass and drums. As long as there is a strong groove, any genre or style that goes over it has a very different output. When you include Benny's harmonies over those diverse beats, that is what really makes it."

In an age when garage rock is known throughout New York City, 33hz stands out with their unique electro-pop sound. The sonic styles combining distinctive blue-eyed soul and fun lyrics, produces music that can be played anywhere for anyone looking to help the band find the party.

As Tim says, "It's like there is this fictional party constantly going on inside our heads, it started sometime between 1979 and 1982 and we are looking to find, start or rock that party".