Dub Gabriel
Dub Gabriel
Label: Azra Records
Genre: Electronic
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If you can't feel it, it simply isn't worthwhile. We can confidently ascribe this maxim when speaking of "Dub Gabriel," a Chicago-born bass player, DJ and producer now running his cross-continental, multi-galaxarian sonic temple deep in the trenches of Brooklyn. Deep is fitting terminology, whether he's rocking Jamaican-laced Middle Eastern grooves, dubbed-out head music for alien warfare or simply finding a smooth groove to lay the yin atop the yang. His bass roves, swallows and imprisons pleased captives, be it at his current residency at the Lower East Side's Kush or his previous incarnations at The Limelight, Galapagos, Knitting Factory and Tonic.

Born in 1972 the son of a record store owner/concert promoting father and a blues loving mother (employed by the legendary Chess Records), Dub was born into good music. Taking up the crafts of bass and cello at age 10, he electrified the former 3 years later. By that time punk was the tip on his tongue, and after having relocated to Florida he immersed himself. Shortly thereafter he stumbled upon Bad Brains, and after witnessing their punk/rock ethic within a reggaefied groove, his destiny was solidified. Moving onto Public Image Ltd., David Byrne and Brian Eno, Material, African Head Charge and Gang of Four, Dub explored this emerging fusion like sonic chess, players scrambling across the globe to meld disparate parts into music. Perhaps it was the love of all-things-Jamaican - from the green pastures of Nyabhingi shamans to twisted mindtricks of dubbified producers - so essential to Dub's aural mystique. Bill Laswell's Material project and Peter Gabriel's essential Passion score served as inspirational templates for him to paint new landscapes. He began working with the very sources of his own mission, including Laswell, Last Poets lyricist Umar Bin Hassan, Jamalski (BDP), Dr. Israel, Musifar, Prof. Shehab and DXT. He has laid down sessions alongside George Clinton, Ben Harper, Karsh Kale, Badawi, Systemwide and Zap Mama, recording for Baboon Records, Baraka Foundation, Caroline, EMI, Polygram and Schanachie.

Solid recorded works are impressive - he has scored music for MTV's most popular show, TRL, as well as film and commercial work - but many musicians do not make it outside the studio. Dub's throbbing wax-capades, however, translate live brilliantly. Whether a mellow Rasta-ized downtempo hookah lounge set or in the midst of a full-on orgiastic ritual amidst trumpets, percussion and wild- eyed mystic lyricists, his music is as much experience as listening pleasure. This attests to the success of his legendary Brooklyn Massive parties, over four years strong with attendances ranging from 500-1500 people. He's laid it down at private parties for Britney Spears, Natalie Portman, Dennis Leary and supermodel Alek Wek, and hosted a 2002 CMJ Marathon party that took place at Ian Schrager's (Studio 54) famous Hudson Hotel.

Formulating his unique identity as part of the Baraka Orchestra, Qaballa Steppers and Samsara Sound System, 2003 saw the release of his solo album "Ascend" (Baboon). Working on two new releases, keeping his residencies and blow-outs intact, the title is perfect for the current state of Dub Gabriel: rising out of the fiery ash of ganja smoke and hypnotic bass lines, a clear, perfect union of sound and soul.

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Dub Gabriel
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