Label: ATO Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Since their Mercury Music Prize-winning 1998 debut Bring It On, Gomez has built an audience slowly and steadily through four studio albums and relentless touring. Their hard work and deft musicianship has earned high praise from the U.S. media. Said the Los Angeles Times in a January 2005 live review, "This was an act at the top of its game, at once daring and playfully inviting -- and with rabidly adoring fans embracing every note." The Daily Variety wrote, "Gomez works a host of textures with aplomb, playing campfire songs one moment, throbbing tribal music the next and then exploding with a melange of Brit pop and reggae bass lines." The Hollywood Reporter said, "Several numbers found the adoring crowd singing along so loudly that even the group was wide-eyed with happy surprise. But Gomez has earned that loyalty by staying true." And the New York Times, in a review of Gomez's last studio album, 2004's Split The Difference, said, "If only all stupid rock music could be this intelligent."