Sensory Motor
Sensory Motor
Label: Sensory Motor Music
Genre: Rock
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San Francisco’s Sensory Motor move across your senses like muddied ocean waves relentlessly massaging your cells yet subtly or suddenly ripping them apart to spotlight the insides, shyly cycling in unison. Sylvia Roberts’ voice has a wooing quality that gently vibrates into your ears and bones. Inevitably as the emotion fluxuates and turns inside out with the movement of the mind, her tone takes on a lecturing force or at times a sudden angst resolving screech. This sensitized intensity and Sensory Motor’s sound is held afloat by the uncompromising guitar which moves from melodic moments of introspective jubilance to a pure heaviness that plods straight into your lungs and a rhythm section which forcefully and intricately holds it’s own. This hybrid results in a fresh sound, as always drawn from those who came before—Led Zeppelin, Fugazi, Tool, Massive Attack, yet layered together and wooed by a sweetness that creates an all together new sound. Be ready for more, as the evolution always continues.

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Sensory Motor
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