Mixel Pixel
Mixel Pixel
Label: Kanine Records
Genre: Folk
Online: Artist Website


From obscure video game samples and sublime lyricism to outrageous video collage and graffiti artwork, Mixel Pixel's unique electro-folk style continues to push the envelope of popular music. This NYC based 3-piece band, outfitted with a live video projection squad, have recently been involved in audio-visual art collaborations with Fort Thunder's paperrad.They have an awesome live show and are constantly proving that bedroom music can come out and rock the party! They have played live with Quintron, Books on Tape, Restiform Bodies (Anticon), Atom and His Package, Cat Power, The Rogers Sisters, Shy Child, and Stars as Eyes (Tigerbeat 6).

Mixel Pixel first began as a home recording project in 1996. At that time, the name functioned as a tape exchange between two long time friends living at opposite ends of the country, Rob Corradetti and Matty Snee. They would send each other cassettes full of music that was recorded on boomboxes and 2 track tapes with radioshack microphones, toy banjos, acoustic guitars and casios. The songs existed only as letters to one another, full of awkward candor. In 2001, Rob Corradetti moved from Delaware to New York City, teaming up with fellow musicians Matt Kaukeinen and Kaia Wong. Together they transformed Mixel Pixel into a live project and have recorded several albums on Mental Monkey Records. Over the years they have developed a more sophisticated and diverse musical style, while at the core retaining the spontaneous, pen-pal approach to writing and recording.