Label: Obliq
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Think of Multicast as an ever-evolving music project. A revolving door of ideas. A meeting of the minds from various individuals involved with the other projects within Obliq. It's the flagship and corner stone project and even further an ideal representation of the Obliq record label as a whole. If you listen closely to the Multicast material, you will notice a sort of mesh of musical influences and backgrounds from all individuals involved yet close attention is paid in how the various parts are combined.

The physical landscape of rural Colorado surrounding members of Multicast play a big part in the environmental influences in the music itself. These are wide-open spaces with room enough for ideas to flourish away from the confines and distractions of an urban environment. This isn't to say that Multicast lives in a music vacuum or an environment void of art and music culture. Rather, the geographic location gives the project an opportunity to observe the world of electronic music from the outside in and not consumed by a metropolitan music clique. Therefore, members of Multicast rely on each other to be energized and inspired to create and follow through with ideas and bring them into being.

Since Multicast's inception in 1996, improvisation in the studio is highly encouraged. There is always an ever-present DAT recorder documenting the evolution of an idea that eventually is constituted into a track. It's there to capture that moment in time when everything just seems to come together. It is those moments when perhaps that snapshot in time is extracted and released for public consumption and critique. This is the core of Multicast's ideology. There is usually no pre-meditative agenda before sitting down in the studio for sessions that can last for two to three days straight. Needless to say, there are still hundreds of hours of recorded material that have yet to be analyzed and therefore many magical moments may yet to be discovered.

Experimentation with a certain DIY attitude is another element inherent in Multicast music. Track construction involving custom made modular synthesizers, modified analog drum machines, analog sequencers and electro-acoustic instruments are all balanced with more modern day gear such as samplers, digital keyboards and effects. However, a lot of the popular software-based music making tools-the ones dominant in modern day electronic music-are put aside which allow Multicast to focus on improvisational and organic composition.