Natalie London
Natalie London
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


I am the vocalist, writer, arranger, guitarist, keyboardist, and at times the bassist for my music. I have been writing and performing since the age of 5. For this demo in particular, I had the assistance of my former band mate, the incredible will mcclaren, who helped produce and perform parts of the material.

Formerly, I went under the band name D.I.L.L.I.G.A.S. under which I was a featured guest artist on jewel's official website, had 2 songs on the 1999 world cup ski tournament soundtrack, and released a 6 song self-produced demo. I have also won many battle of the bands contests in the san diego area.

I've been called at times a female version of maynard james keenen, trent reznor, and thom yorke… especially vocally… all huge compliments that I don't take lightly. (I've also been called "hey you!" so go figure.) However, radiohead, tool, and nine inch nails have always been my biggest influences, my favorite music, and to be quite honest, the level of artistic and professional success that I hope to achieve one day. I like to set my goals low. I also like to use sarcasm.