Kill Memory Crash
Kill Memory Crash
Label: Ghostly International
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


For over 10 years, Alex and Adam of Chicago's Kill Memory Crash have been developing their own blend of dark electronic music without major release, until now. Having started their musical career in Detroit, Kill Memory Crash began performing at raves and warehouse parties in the mid-to-late 90's, slowly translating their leftfield influences into their own cryptic language. Standing on the dividing lines between techno and other musics forced the duo to develop their own style and early works resembled dark chasms of industrial noise. Their indifference to the popular styles of the day led them into an almost self-imposed exile from the music business and only extremely limited vinyl pressings ever surfaced. Alex and Adam have honed their music to its current state, a sinister blend of industrial, glitched-out techno, and ambient, working away at the boundaries that held them as outsiders until now.