Peter Elkas
Peter Elkas
Label: Maple Music
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


In 2002, after nearly ten years as multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with Montreal indie rockers Local Rabbits, Peter Elkas packed his bags, quit his job selling ice-cream and made the move to Toronto with little more than four songs he had written with a new Local Rabbits record in mind.

Though the initial plan was not to become a solo artist, it became clear that the Rabbits were not in a rush to work on a new record, so Peter continued to work with Don on developing his own songs. Don, who had produced the last Rabbits' album, produced and played drums. Peter sang and played guitar. Together they enlisted the help of Doug Friesen on bass and began recording at Don's Toronto Island Gas Station studios. The end result was a six-song EP entitled Party Of One, which the Halifax Daily News called an "artful lyrically bountiful gem."

After being part of a "walking party" performing as a "party of one" was a daunting task. Peter ventured into unknown territory when he took the stage as a solo artist armed with only voice and guitar. He admits that at first he missed the companionship of the Local Rabbits and it was a challenge to go it alone. Occasionally the situation called for a band and when it did Peter looked to various musical peers to assemble what he dubbed the "Elkaholics. " Over the last year Peter and band have supported an impressive list of acts including Jet, Sam Roberts, Sloan and Joel Plaskett.

These musical peers occasionally call on Peter as well. Since moving to Toronto he has collaborated with Leslie Feist, toured with Neko Case as part of her band The Boyfriends and joined Mathew Barber's band on guitar.

The Party Of One EP, which singer - songwriter Ron Sexsmith listed as one of his favourite recordings of 2003, has since evolved into a full-length album. Also titled Party Of One, Peter's debut full-length album will be released by MapleMusic Recordings September 14.