Label: Jackpine Social Club
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


San Francisco's psych-pop wonders Oranger are pleased to offer you Shutdown The Sun, their latest release. Once described as "Pete Townshend and Keith Moon wrecking Brian Wilson's sandpit as Wayne Coyne wipes blood from his face," with Shutdown they move beyond retro-psych into pure pop, informed by years of record collecting, enhanced by mood-altering substances, and melded into something quite its own.

They've been busy the past few years, touring with Elliott Smith, Guided By Voices, Pavement, R.E.M., The Apples In Stereo, and Wilco, to name a few -- each time invited at the artists' request. While the band has been recording Shutdown the Sun for the past couple of years, they've also been balancing other projects: Matt joined The Posies, Mike and Jim played in Scott Kannberg's Preston School of Industry, and Patrick played with Tarnation's Paula Frazer.

Mike Drake, lead singer and songwriter, is a Florida native who moved to California and joined up with Matt Harris, Oranger's bass player, co-songwriter, engineer monkey, in the Overwhelming Colorfast. Matt drove a U-Haul truck to Iowa, put drummer Jim Lindsay in it, and drove back to California. Patrick Main, keyboardist, joined shortly thereafter.

In 1998 Oranger recorded their debut record Doorway To Norway on 8-track cassette. Despite copious amounts of woo pitched by major labels, they decided to release it on Spiral Stairs a.k.a. Scott Kannberg's (Pavement) fledgling indie label Amazing Grease Records. Early shows were frequently played under fake names such as "The Invisible Chocolate Glove" and "The Apricot Yardstick" for no other reason than to confuse fans.

By 1999, the band had released 1 CD and 3 singles and were headlining shows in the Bay Area. They recorded The Quiet Vibrationland on their own using a 16-track tape machine once owned by Brian Wilson. QVL also saw the addition of Patrick Main on keyboards. 2000 saw the band hand-picked by Elliott Smith to open his European tour and QVL released in Europe on Creation Records-founder Alan McGee's new Poptones label. By this time, "Eggtooth" - off of Doorway To Norway - was being played at SF Giants games.