Jesse Denatale
Jesse Denatale
Label: Jackpine Social Club
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Ramblin’ Jack Elliott calls him, “The Bard of Tomales Bay”. Tom Waits calls him, “a unique and original American voice”. And Ben Fong-Torres, former Rolling Stone senior editor and author of Not Fade Away calls DeNatale’s debut cd Shangri-La West “a gorgeous collection. The voice echoes Van the Man, Jagger and Dylan at their soulful, musical best. But Jesse DeNatale somehow remains his own man, with his own memories, stories, and visions. They’re not only well worth hearing, they’re well worth hearing again and again.” Some might find it surprising that DeNatale has garnered such high profile fans, but DeNatale has been building an ever growing following for years by sculpting songs packed with spirit and passion.

Now with the release of Shangri-La West on the Jackpine Social Club label, Jesse is bringing his compassionate and hauntingly soulful music to a broader audience. DeNatale has described his music as “Troubadour Soul”. A mix of the folk story tradition with an inspired sense of rhythm and blues. Born and raised in Northern California, he later left to visit friends on the East Coast and wound up staying ten years in Massachusettes and New York playing music in bars, cafes, railway stations and rooftops. Always feeling a strong influence on his music by the history of the people and the geography specific to the area be it rural or urban in setting, Jesse’s songwriting is imbued with optimism and humor, refreshingly free of sarcasm and irony. His voice, rich with experience and real with conviction.