Circa Survive
Circa Survive
Label: Equal Vision Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Circa Survive's debut album, Juturna, came out April 19th on Equal Vision. A mind-bending amalgamation of influences ranging from prog-rock to art-metal, it reflects both the diverse backgrounds and the common bonds of the five unique individuals who make up Circa Survive. Marked by intricate arrangements and the pristine production of Brian McTernan (Thrice, Bane, Cave In), the disc displays a band-wide chemistry that radiates from every track. It also boasts a stunning lead single in the epic "Act Appalled," along with such emotionally weighty songs as "Holding Someone’s Hair Back" and "Stop the Fucking Car," both of which match the visceral qualities of their titles with their content.

Clearly, fans of any of the members’ former bands will be surprised — in a very good way. "It’s definitely a lot more straight up rock and roll, less metal-y kind of stuff than Saosin," offers Green. "I definitely sound different than I’ve ever sounded, but I don’t entirely know why that is. Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit older. It’s delicate music, but it’s not too passive. It’s got all this bulk to it. There’s a sick amount of groove."

"We really just want to bring back that quality that was extremely present in the music of the ‘60s and ‘70s," adds Frangicetto. "That urgency; the feeling that a note could change the world. That’s one extreme. Another is just simply to be an artist that isn’t contrived or a trend follower." Based on the story so far, of course, it would be impossible to accuse this band of being anything other than purely heartfelt. And the same can be said for their music. So, yes, this is the kind of story usually reserved for the silver screen. But this is reality — and it should serve as an inspiration to us all.