Speaking Canaries, The
Label: Scat Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Speaking Canaries is a rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, led by guitarist/vocalist Damon Che. That's the letter, here is the spirit: exuberance, catharsis, joy, abundance, excitement. For those who enjoy hearing a guitar pushed to its limits but, without the sacrifice of song and multi-dimensional emotional expression, Get Out Alive represents a bumper crop.

Says Mr. Che: "If this was not my own music and I were to buy this record, my first reaction would be thankfulness. I would just be glad that something like this existed. Most rock these days is so compressed that is sounds like a sheet of aluminum foil.Rock music should transcend itself at all times. It should make you want to augment it, to do what inspires you."
Right on.

Damon was musically inclined at a young age. His father is also a musician. Early on, Damon learned a bit of piano but after 5 years of drumming on every object in sight, he got his first drum kit at 14. A few years later, he drummed in the punk band, Half Life. He had never been interested in guitar until he idly played around with one for a bit when he was 18. Having spent a good deal of time around technically challenged guitarists, he had assumed that tuning a guitar was exceptionally difficult. Damon took to the instrument naturally; the ease of tuning the guitar was a revelation and he was off and running, though not at the expense of the drums, on which instrument Damon has earned a stellar reputation playing in Don Caballero. Incidentally, Damon plays drums on half of Get Out Alive also.