Benjamin Diamond
Benjamin Diamond
Label: !K7
Genre: Rock / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Another in a long line of house maestros to come out of France during the 1990s, Benjamin Diamond - known as Benjamin Cohen in real life - started his music career as a punk rocker. One of his first projects was the punk band Chicken Pops. But, inspired by such acts as New Order, Michael Jackson, and Roxy Music, he quickly gravitated towards electro-funk and hooked up with the band the Party. Though fairly popular in France, the venture was completely overshadowed by his next major project, Stardust, launched in cahoots with celebrated disco house personalities Alan Braxe and Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk). Diamond sang the lyrics on Stardust's 1998 single "Music Sounds Better With You," which was a major hit the world over. In 2001, he released his first album, Strange Attitude, which carried his earlier singles "Joyride" and "Strange Attitude." That same year, he put out the EP Solitaire; carrying tracks he recorded especially for the Dior spring-summer fashion parade.

Since then, Benjamin Diamond has concentrated on the development of his label, "Diamond Traxx", and acted as guest vocalist (Octet, Cosmo Vitelli) or remixer (for various releases on Kompakt) on a variety of releases. But it's not just the truffle pig of a label, "Diamond Traxx", that he co-runs and which has uncovered some fantastic stuff on two incredibly good compilations ("Dirty Diamonds" Vol. 1 and 2), that is keeping him busy. Rather it is the dive course into his musical self, above all, that the young man has more than brilliantly mastered with this new album for K7 "Out Of Myself".