Kice of Course
Kice of Course
Label: Smacks Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Crowd pleaser, lyrical genius, David Blane, hip hop’s Sting, are just a few names that Kice has been called in his prosperous career as a hip hop artist.

Born Kelvin Bell in 1977 in a low-class section of downtown Elizabeth, NJ - also known as “Eastwick” - Kice began utilizing his artistic abilities at the young age of 17. But it wasn’t until Kice held it down for a month straight on then DJ Big Dennis’ show “Home Jams” which was structured for unsigned artists to be heard on NYC's Hot 97. This oppurtunity made kice realize that this was definitely going to be a major part of his future.

Kice’s distinct voice & flow set him apart from all other artists as well as his snappy execution of punch lines, metaphors, and storytelling, every word and syllable echoes in the ears of his listeners. Some of his major influences include but not limited to, Sting, Jay Z and Michael Franks. Oddly, most of Kice’s inspiration does not come from hip hop artists. Kice’s drive and determination led him to produce and distribute his own CD titled “Only a Few Understand,” which caused a major local buzz. This then led to him catching the ear of an industry veteran by the name of DJ Mr. Len, who is internationally known. Kice went on to sign a deal with mr. Len’s Smacks Records. With this in place Kice has toured numerous different parts of the country leaving crowds astounded whether it was an audience of 20 people or 500 people. Kice always ends a show knowing he has recruited new fans and this is one of the keys to Kice’s motivation.

Kice’s presence alone let’s you know where he wants to go in this game called hip hop. When in the presence of Kice you cannot help but feel his music even when not a fan of hip hop, due to his welcoming yet mysterious demeanor, which leaves the audience wondering what he is going to do next. In Kice’s stage show you will not find the typical hip hop performance, a good deal of craftsmanship goes into this work of art. Stay tuned and watch how this wordsmith takes music by storm.