Da BeatMinerz
Label: Coptor Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Bushwick-Brooklyn-bred brothers DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt are known to discriminating artists and fans alike as modern beat merchants of the highest order. After helming the production reins of such classic Hip Hop albums as Black Moon's Enta Da Stage and Smif-n-Wessun's Dah Shinin', as well as numerous singles and remixes for the likes of Eminem, The Roots, Rah Digga, D'Angelo, KRS-One, Wordsworth, The Jungle Brothers, and Mark Morrison, they prepare to release the newest Cd Fully Loaded w/ Statik. Laced by Beatminerz signature beats, they have assembled a first rate cast, which include KRS-1, Dialated Peoples, Jean Grae and Hip Hop RnB sensation Mystic.

"We're bringing Hip Hop back to the boom bap-the basslines, the hard kicks and the snares," declares Evil Dee. "Hip Hop used to be hard. But right now everything in Hip Hop is getting too electronic and tinny sounding."

"A lot of producers are using keyboards now," adds Mr. Walt. "We don't knock the keyboard stuff. If you're good at it, you're good at it - but there's no bottom in Hip Hop right now. Everybody's just riding the mids and the highs. Beatminerz are just bringing the bottom back out for everybody."

Passion is the key ingredient that infuses Da Beatminerz music. Much of that passion arises from the brothers simply having been into Hip Hop for so long. Born into a musical family (both their dad and their mom played instruments in bands and in church respectively), Evil Dee and Walt became enamored with the records their parents would bring home at an early age. It wasn't far into adolescence that deejaying became the siblings recreational activity of choice.

Eventually, Walt’s interest in breaks and beats landed him a job at the Music Factory, a record store in Jamaica, Queens, where he befriended regular store patrons like De La Soul, LL Cool J, and Q-Tip (hence Tip's Lyric from Tribe's "What?" off of Low End Theory: "What's Music Factory without Mr. Walt?"). By the time Evil Dee's own group Black Moon began making serous noise in the New York Hip Hop scene, Da Beatminerz as a production clique was an official enterprise. Enta Da Stage and Dah Shinin' blew up.

Staying in the spot light with clothing sponsorships from urban apparel companies like PNB, the Beatminerz have stayed in the public eye while maintaining street credibility. Coming off the success of the Rawkus release Brace for Impact the Minerz have proved they have the ability to work with a wide range of artist to make an impact in the Hip Hop scene. With the release of Fully Loaded w/Statik the excitement builds. Back are the days of hard bass lines and relevant lyrics. The Beatminers return to show you they are still shinin’ and the still got the props.