Riddle Of Steel
Riddle Of Steel
Label: Ascetic Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Writhe, sexy babies, for the blinking starry skies of the future entrance tonight to the tune of Got This Feelin'. As you count the constellations, bodies contorting to acute grooves and cascading melodies, rock's past and present come alive in these 10 songs.

Each tension-and-release playfully recall the greats who came before - King Crimson, Thin Lizzy, Jawbox, Shiner - but in a breadth all their own. Is that prog histrionics or IDM-gone post-rock on "The Lovers of Nothing" and "Deeper Still?" Who cares? Distilling only the finest of brainy, emotive, propulsive, and articulate (not to mention tasteful) nectar from rock's forefathers, Riddle Of Steel have keg-standed it all to come up with Got This Feelin'.

With new drummer Rob Smith in tow and the tightness tenfold, Got This Feelin' compositions are tighter and more direct without losing the exploratory feel of the band's trademark "guitar trails" and jack hammer bass staccatos. Taking previous album Python's melody-and-muscles approach and making it more concise, the results are bombastically majestic, stylishly technical (tempo changes are sexy, kids), and hauntingly catchy at the same time. What if National Skyline, Burning Airlines, and The Five Deadly Venoms (of which bassist/vocalist Jimmy Vavak was a member) had unprotected sex? Yup, you guessed it.

Got This Feelin' titillates, invigorates, tests the limits, but above all satisfies both rock's primal need to kick ass and the human instinct to progress forward. The past has brought us hereā€¦ a good place indeed.