Lewis & Clarke
Lewis & Clarke
Label: La Societe Expeditionnaire
Genre: Rock / Folk
Online: Artist Website


With Bare Bones and Branches, Lewis & Clarke deliver a timeless and masterful debut full-length, taking us to the place between the clouds and the cold hard the desolate field of roots and marrow where dreams blur and we face our essence. Lou Rogai invites us along with a formidable musical search party to reveal rich layers of restful splendour and unimitable nuance. It is the soundtrack of where nothing ends and everything begins...a glimpse into the soul.

Hailing from the desperate and isolated anthracite coal region of northeastern Pennsylvania, Rogai made a humble name as a four-tracking lo-fi songsmith with 2000's EP (meanwhile ducking into nearby New York City and Philadelphia in true Japhy Ryder style). As his transient solo cross country outings grew into a cast of ever evolving musical friendships, Lewis & Clarke was born. In a secluded cabin in the spring of 2002, songs and friends were gathered on tape for what would become the next two releases. Fall of 2002 saw the Bright Light EP as an unpretentious jewel; its hand die-cut packaging and three enchanting songs flying low under the radar, gaining continual praise of contemporaries and critics alike; tipping their hats to Giant Sand, Red Hash and Mojave 3. Magnet magazine christened Rogai as a major gifted newcomer. All the same, things stayed pretty quiet, as there was music to be made and the inspiration to do so did not exist in any "scene" or musical clique, it existed in the parentheses of burnt-out coal towns, and in the forest along the Delaware river.