Joel Plaskett
Joel Plaskett
Label: Maple Music
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


It's a long way to Arizona, and it's a longing that carries Joel Plaskett home to Halifax. His new album, La De Da, is about what happens when you know you have to go away; what happens when you know you have to go home; and what you do on the road in between.

Plaskett recorded La De Da far from home, in Phoenix, AZ, when a fan made him an offer he literally couldn't refuse. Although Bob Hoag first invited Plaskett to record at his Flying Blanket studio about two years ago, at first the seasoned indie rocker didn't do anything about it.

"But when I was thinking of making another record," says Plaskett, "I e-mailed Bob and said 'What are your rates?' Toying with the idea. He e-mailed me back and said 'I'd love to have you here. I'll record you for free and you can stay at my house. My wife and I, we've got a pool,'" says Plaskett, laughing broadly at his own good fortune.

By the time he got to Phoenix, Plaskett had driven clear across the continent in his old Suburban truck. The trip was something like the travelogue described in one of his best new songs, a lazy, panoramic riff-rocker called "Natural Disaster: "I left Nova Scotia/ Headed down the coast / Tore a strip off Memphis/ Before I left for Roanoke / I punished Pecos County/ And headed for Las Cruces." Not to mention the barren badlands, and a Texas tornado.